Life Mastery Course $199.00 US per month


Life Mastery Course    BEwell DOwell    LIVEwell

  • Take control of your health and emotional well-being
  • Put your dreams into action
  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Lead a life of passion, purpose, and meaning.

This three month course is the result of over 30 years of research and coaching experience by Master Coach Mrak Fournier.  It includes coaching apects featuring Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, NLP, Co Active Coachitn methods, the exclusive PermaLearn Mastery system and much more!    


Read the online course material, do the excercises and join the Group Coaching Call each week to get the very most out of the LIFE CHANGING content.  Lead by Master Coach and NLP Practitioner DeeAnn Lensen.


"DeeAnn Lensen is my top Life Mastery trainer and coach. Having worked with her throughout Canada and the US, I can say without hesitation, that she is a highly skilled and insightful coach and an expert in building self-esteem."  Mark Fournier